Our Philosophy: Game Together, Grow Together

We are not corporate executives that are in the Gaming industry to get rich quickly. Yes, we are a for profit company, but we genuinely have a vested interest in the growth and development of the local E-Sports and content creation industry. Our team is passionate about Gaming, and we want to see local gamers grow and improve their skills and ultimately succeed in achieving their own goals and dreams.

By shopping with us you are not only supporting a locally owned small business, but you are also indirectly contributing to the growth and development of the local South African Gaming community. Our company directive commits to directing a significant portion of our marketing budget into supporting and developing local gamers and streamers.

We have a partnership program where we uplift and promote local content creators by working closely with them to improve their channels, and better their skills. We are also going to involve ourselves in events and functions around education and development to make our local gaming scene a more friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for the younger generations coming through the ranks and entering the competitive Gaming and E-sports communities.